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Infrared Technology in Interpretation

Infrared works just like white light that you see, except it has a longer wavelength and is not visible to the human eye. The audio signal is transmitted by an infrared beam throughout the room and is received by a receiver designed to receive the signal and process it back to audio for the listener. Advantages
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Questions to ask when selecting interpretation equipment

  Size? Determine the number of attendees at the event, and the size of the room/meeting space. This is important in determining the number of receivers required and the type of technology required for suitable coverage of the space. Location? Determine whether the event is inside or outside. Other important factors are whether it is in a highly populated...
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Equipment Required for Interpretation

Interpretation Booths. Interpretation booths are used to provide sound isolation for the interpreters. The isolation serves two purposes. The booths allow the interpreters to work in a quiet environment, free from audible distractions, so they can focus on the words of the speaker(s). In- side the booths, the interpreters can speak at a normal volume...
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Digital Equipment Rental

Simultaneous Interpreting require the use of state-of-the-art interpreting equipment to relay information from the conference hall to the interpreters in the booths and back to the delegates in the hall. Fastrack Translators Limited rents out Bosch Audio equipment --- the global leader in digital conference interpreting equipment. The audio and video-enabled conference suite comes complete with...
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