Simultaneous Interpretation

Your multilingual event — Recruiting interpreters can be a daunting prospect if you are unfamiliar with multilingual events. Planning ahead will ensure that participants can speak freely in their own languages and make themselves understood.

How interpreting adds value

AIIC interpreters are masters of their craft and the best guarantee of success when people from different cultures come together. They become your voice so that others can hear you.

Defining your requirements

There are many things to consider when buying interpretation services. Start by deciding which languages your speakers and participants are most comfortable with. This will help determine the type of interpreting service you need.

Languages at your event

Which languages do your listeners understand? Most delegates and attendees understand the proceedings better in their native language or language of longest exposure.  Which languages do your speakers speak well enough not to over-simplify the message? Thus, choosing the right languages for your meeting is crucial for its success. The interpreters fit in this role of helping listeners understand one another and leverage your communication outcomes.

Choosing your supplier

Be aware that unfortunately anyone can claim to be an interpreter. Choosing the right provider of conference services will guarantee that you work with real professionals. Professionalism [in Interpreting] goes far beyond the necessary skill to transmit a message from one language to another (Lucarrelli, 2004).


AV & interpreting equipment

The quality and reliability of the equipment also determines the quality and reliability of the interpreting service and thereby the success of your event.

How much does it cost?

Interpreters command fees similar to other professionals. However, interpreting at a major conference usually costs less than just one of the traditional banquets or receptions offered.

Got everything covered?

A successful multilingual event involves many people in different roles. Proper coordination will help them excel at their job. Here are checklists and tips for different target audiences.


(Courtesy AIIC)